9REDMINE: Переезд проекта на новый сервер

Added by Vyacheslav Anzhiganov 12 months ago

После большой аварии на старом физическом сервере, который произошёл несколько недель назад я перенёс на виртуальный сервер в, попутно решил изменить дизайн и обновить все установленные пакеты.

9REDMINE: Git Storage support added

Added by Vyacheslav Anzhiganov over 2 years ago

Today we added support for git storage for all projects. All members can create public and private projects with unlimited numbers git repositories and share it for collaborators.


9REDMINE: "Let's roll"

Added by Vyacheslav Anzhiganov over 2 years ago

We started this project because many people are interested in the best project management web application and we know that Redmine is very powerful and easy to use project management tool.


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